Standard Scene

Within the performing industry, we understand the frustration that is bestowed upon todays actors. It is hard to get yourself out there and be seen in all your glory, which is why our aim is to provide such quality in our scenes so that you may impress the casting directors, producers and agents that are able to kick start your acting career. 

Pick a scene of your choice or simply contact us to provide a bespoke scene catered to you and your strengths.


Book with a fellow actor and we will provide a discount per scene!

1 Scene £200pp

2 Scenes £350pp

3 Scenes £500pp

Edit and colour grade inc.

Action scene

Got what it takes to show them some action? Want to do your own stunts in film? Here's the place to start. 

We provide a full on action scene, whether that be with swords, martial arts or guns etc. We've got it covered. With our team of trained choreographers, we will provide a custom action scene centred around your skill level.

Don't be shy, give it a try.

£350pp per scene

Edit and colour grade inc.

phoenix showreel

The Phoenix Showreel, our most prestige offering to ensure you are equipped and ready to approach the elites of film and get yourself on the big screen. Four bespoke scenes tailored to you including a crew, cast members and locations that centre around your strengths as an actor to truly show off your talent.


This package also includes a photoshoot of which you take home four edited headshots of your choice!

4 scenes + 4 edited headshots


Edit and colour grade inc.

Music video

Got a music video in mind? Combining our knowledge of visuals with our high quality 4K cameras, your music video will look and sound great.


We shoot and edit with a fast turnaround to ensure your video is released as quick as possible. Got a location in mind? Gives us an email via the ABOUT/CONTACT page and we can arrange the shoot there.


Edit and colour grade inc.


For all other services including:

Colour grading

Promotional films



Graphics design

Please give us an email via the ABOUT/CONTACT page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.



Alternatively, the LEARN MORE button below takes you directly to the ABOUT/CONTACT page.


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